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Glen Scotia 15 Year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glen Scotia was born in a place like no other - a small town on the west coast of Scotland that was to become the ‘Victorian Whisky Capital of the World’. Glen Scotia prevailed against the odds where some thirty other local distilleries fell. Today it stands proudly among the last of the many, by virtue of the community spirit that defines Campbeltown. 

The 15yo expression is an exceptional single malt whisky produced from specially selected casks that deliver the true character of a 15 year old Campbeltown malt whisky.

The whisky has been matured for at least 15 years in the finest American oak barrels before bottling.

Nose: Citrus peels, ginger snap biscuits, and baked fruits

Palate: Plump fruits with a surprising dry finish, apricots, fruit salad, caramelised sugar and oak

Finish: Warm spicy, honey smoothness, oak and a dry finish

Non-chill filtered.

700ml. 46% ABV.

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