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Slyrs Bairish Coffee Liqueur 

The name SLYRS is Gaelic and has Iro-Scottish roots. But SLYRS is Bavarian through and through. Because in the year 779 five monks from Ireland and Scotland founded a monastery in the Bavarian wasteland of Schliersee. Adalung, Hiltupalt, Kerpalt, Antonius and Otakir name this monastery SLYRS, correctly pronounced SCHLIERS.

The monastery SLYRS has given its name to the entire Schliersee region over the centuries - and 1220 years later also a very special Upper Bavarian single malt Whisky.

Since 1999, with the first distillation of Slyrs Whisky, Slyrs have been trailblazing the way for German Whisky producers.

Two exceptional beverage manufacturers, located in the Bavarian Oberland, combine the passion for their craft and the highest quality in this unique SLYRS Bairish Coffee Liqueur. The combination of mild, fruity-fresh cold brew coffee from the Dinzler coffee roasting company and the SLYRS Whisky, carefully rounded off with the finest macerates of caramel and vanilla pods ensure an incomparable taste.

Nose: Pleasant aroma of coffee with the slight sweetness of caramel and Whisky.

Palate: A strong coffee note with the sweetness of toffee, caramel and a light wood aroma. Whisky and coffee in perfect harmony of sweetness and slight bitterness, with a subtle salty finish.

Finish: Long-lasting coffee taste.

700ml. 28% ABV.

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