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Holyrood Heavy Gin

Holyrood Distillery was established in 2019 in the centre of Edinburgh’s historic old town with a focuse on an innovative approach to distilling, inspired by Edinburgh’s rich brewing history.

Hollyrood Distillery often use malts that have been toasted during their whisky making. Toasting changes the malt charcteristics and therefore the flavour that they impart on the spirit. This led Holyrood distillery to explore how they could apply this thinking to create a new expression of Height of Arrows Gin. In the same way as using toasted malt, roasting spices has long been known to extract more complex flavour. So in the Holyrood Heavy Gin recipe they have roasted the juniper, extracting more flavour to build a gin with big and robust flavour. A small addition of sugar after distillation brings balance, and a subtle sweetness.

 700mL 46% ABV

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