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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Year Old 50% with Free Beanie

At Bruichladdich they believe that an “Islay” whisky should live and breathe the fresh salt tang of Islay air, all its life. Because of this they made sure that the Port Charlotte was not only distilled on Islay, but also matured and bottled on the stunning island. This is a a whisky made by people, not software; a whisky watched over every day of its maturing life by those who made it; a whisky born of a community, of a vision and a burning desire to kick start a single malt whisky revolution.

To taste, expect the Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Year Old to be a delicate and soft malt with fantastic balance of flavour all wrapped in a smokey blanket. Flavours of coconut, vanilla custard, lemon honey combines with smoked oysters and sun baked salty sand. The finish is sublime, smoky sure, but also the soft sweetness of fudge and malted barley, orange, mango, and banoffee pie hinting of the depth and quality of the oak. The many layers interchange on each sip. As the smoke comes and goes so too the notes of the spirit, ripe apple and apricot, beautifully intertwined with malt and oak sweetness and that typical Port Charlotte style dry smoke.

Comes with a Free Beanie While Stocks Last!

700ml 50% ABV

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