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Waterford 'The Cuvee' Irish Whisky

The Waterford distillery is a relative newcomer in the Irish whisky scene, focusing on farm-to-bottle 'terroir', with modern state of the art equipment. Long extended fermentations, with slow distillation ensure a malt forward style, paired with exceptional oak cask choices for maturation 

Tasting notes from Waterford:

Nose: red apples, fresh dry soil, breadcrust, green foliage, digestive biscuits, oranges, barmbrack, over-ripe banana skin, summer flower bed, fresh mint, coffee cake

Taste: clove sweets, white pepper, oily, grapefruit, lemon zest, dark chocolate, dry toast, cherries, granola bar, dried herbs, aniseed, green olives, marmalade peel

700ml 50% ABV.


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