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Scalasaig "Island Hopper" Maiden Voyage Scotch Whisky

Bottled by Colonsay Beverages, based at the tiny port village of Scalasaig on the Isle of Colonsay, some 10 miles north-west of its much more famous whisky neighbour, Islay. Colonsay beverages produce beer, gin and they bottle exceptional whisky. Whether young or very mature, all the whiskies Colonsay Beverages bottle have one thing in common; they are the very finest examples of what individual island and coastal distilleries have to offer!

The Scalasaig Maiden Voyage Blended Malt scotch whisky is a release of only 3,000 bottles; ten specially selected casks of Single malt whisky with a distinctly maritime style were vatted by masters of their craft and re-racked into first-fill European sherry oak casks to finish their maturation.

The result is a richly sweet malt whisky with a warming, lingering hug of peat smoke.

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Smoked sweet teriyaki cured meats with a hint of spice and dried cake fruits.

Palate: Rich and robust. Warming hints of exotic spice, dried fruits and dark liquorice. Enveloping it all is the bold burning embers of a peat fire.

Finish: Salty sea breeze, sweet and warming with waves of maritime smoke.

43% ABV 700mL

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