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From Morrision & MacKay's Old Perth range a pleasing ex-sherry matured blended malt whisky paying tribute to the historic city of Perth in Scotland.

'Old Perth' whisky was a historic blended Scotch Whisky that historically was built around the North British distillery grain whisky, but due to the blenders (Peter Thomson) strong industry relationship it apparently even included components of Macallan whisky.

Morrison & Mackay acquired the 'Old Perth' name in very recent history (2014) and re-launched the blend mainly for the UK market. We are fortunate to get a very small allocation of this blended Whisky for the Australian market.

This is a clearly youthful, but lucious ex-sherry Christmas pudding style Scotch Whisky, with loads of brown sugar, butter and chocolate. An easy sipper perfect for cold nights.

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43% ABV, 700mL bottle

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