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Mackmyra 2013 8 Year Old 'The Easy Sipper' Swedish Whisky

The Easy Sipper series is about approachability and enjoying whisky with friends.

Since 1999 the team at the Swedish Mackmyra distillery have been carefully carving a path to create a truly Swedish style of whisky. Mackymra use Nordic barley varieties, local peat (when peating - and adding juniper branchest to the fire) and mature their casks in a nearby abandoned mine. 

The palate is full of caramel and honey, with macadamia nut notes, and green fruit (apple) sharpness. This finish is medium length with lovely buttery texture.

Distilled in 2013 at the Swedish Mackmyra distillery, and matured for 8 years in a single Virgin American barrel before bottling in 2021 at a high abv of 49.5%, only 250 bottles were produced, of which only 30 made their way to Australian shores. 

700mL 49.5% ABV.

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