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Kilchoman Special Release Cognac Cask Scotch Whisky

The Kilchoman Distillery has released something very special for 2023. A vatting of 32 casks of Kilchoman single malt whisky matured in ex-Cognac casks for a minimum of 6 years. The fruity and herbaceous character of the ex-Cognac casks has worked wonders with the smoky and bright citrusy character of the Kilchoman malt whisky, creating a whisky of intenstiy and balance!


Nose: An opening note of rich apple and pear forms the structure for this release. Herbaceous fresh fruit begins to make its way as the whisky begins to open. Subtle tones of honey and warming spice develop over time. Peat remains delicate on the nose, bringing a dryness to this release

Palate: The texture provided by a slow distillation and the influence of the Cognac oak allows for a buttery texture that continues throughout. Dried lemon and apricot combine with cinnamon and nutmeg which are held together by an influence of toasted oak and sweet peat smoke

Finish: The depth of flavour that the Cognac casks have provided the Kilchoman spirit is unrivalled; dried fruits and marzipan make way to crystallised ginger, balancing sweet and spice. Lingering peat smoke is lightened with the influence of citrus oil making itself known across the palate

700mL 50% ABV

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