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Highland Park Valfather Scotch Whisky is a limited special release from the Ornkey based distiller, and the final part in the Viking Legend series.  Valfather is the richest and smokiest in taste profile compared to the rest of the series and Highland Park’s classic whiskies. As well as the hallmark aromatic Highland Park peat smoke, Valfather tastes of creamy vanilla, toasted cedar wood with a long floral aromatic finish offset by notes of crisp apple and sweet fragrant pear.

Valfather is named after 'Odin', the mightiest of the Norse Gods and is the distillery’s most peated release to date. Created using some of the distillery’s finest 100% refill casks to reflect the ethereal and lighter feel of Valhalla, Odin’s hall, the whisky’s higher phenolic level displays Odin’s power.

 According to legend, those Vikings who had met honourable death were marked out by the symbol and spirited away by the Valkyries to Valhalla to join Odin’s mighty army to prepare for Ragnarok, the battle of the end of the world. Valfather is the final in the series of three VIKING LEGEND releases. It was crafted by Gordon Motion, the Master Whisky Maker. 

The packaging has been created by Danish designer Jim Lyngvild and the inspiration for Valfather has come from the ancient picture stones from Stora Hammars in Gotland, Sweden.

To taste, expect vanilla crème brûlée with toasted cedarwood and warming paprika, followed by long floral smoke perfectly offset by notes of fresh fruit.

700ml 47%ABV.

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