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The Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky Distiller's Reserve

The Chita distillery is part of the Suntory stable, and apparently is the largest distillery in Japan. The Chita single grain is predominately made from corn with a small percentage of malted barley. The distillery maximises the flexibility of their large setup to produce a large variety of whisky styles, which allow the master blenders to pursue through blending a focuses whisky of subtle refinement and a complex taste. 

The Chita is a delicate, light and balanced whisky that lends itself to pair with similarly light and balanced food, such as Sushi. 

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Creme brulee, cardamon, acacia honey, blossoming rose

Palate: Mild and smooth, hint of mint, deep honey

Finish: Clean and clear, spiced oak with subtle bittersweet notes

700mL 43% ABV

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