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Blackadder Clynelish 31 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Blackadder is a boutique, family-run and owned independent bottler of Scotch whisky, established in 1995 by Robin Tucker. Prior to his journey into the world of Indie bottlings, Robin was a music journalist, enjoying the large life, travelling the world and interviewing the likes of ABBA and Rod Stewart. However, a passion for Uisge Beatha saw Robin carve out a different path.

Blackadder are a constantly evolving and adapting business, with a firm philosophy of not compromising, and delivering their releases as honest and raw as possible. Most releases are single cask, cask strength versions with no-chill filtration or colour additions.

This release from Blackadder in their Raw Cask Statement series is a 31 Year Old single cask from Clynelish distillery (cask #6094). 

Only a tiny number of bottles of this special bottling have made their way to Australian shores, ensuring this won't hang around for long!

700ml, 46.8% ABV. 

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