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Situated at the cross boundary of Yi-Lan mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the King Car distillery has been creating something that many thought would never happen: Taiwanese whisky. The name 'Kavalan' is after the indigenous people that originally inhabited that area. This was chosen to show how genuine King Car Group wanted to be with their new project. They wanted to make whisky truly inspired by Taiwan, and a whisky for the people living there to enjoy. Boldly Kavalan wanted to introduce the world to their own unique ideas and directions that their expressions can take.

Kavalan Distillery Select creates a rich yet mellow layered taste using exquisite barrel art with consummately skilled blending workmanship; the unique tropical fruit fragrances of Kavalan and the cream caramel embellished with wood and vanilla scents offer the ideal lingering flavours, these are the meticulous works specially selected by the bartenders.

Notes from Kavalan... Nose: Aroma of ripe tropical fruits, floral notes, and warm vanilla. Palate: Sweet, mellow and smooth in the mouth, the balanced taste is the perfect blending of barrel craft workmanship.

700mL, 40% ABV

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