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The idea for 'The Distillers Art' was developed, as all great ideas are, over several pints in a small pub. Founders George and Ewan had been contemplating a dive into the world of independent bottling, and through their chat developed an idea around the connection of whisky to the provenance of the distillery home and location. They realised art is a brilliant way to bridge the emotional connection between the liquid in the bottle and the landscape and place it was made. 

Each release of 'The Distillers Art' whisky includes a limited edition print of the artwork inspiring the label. Each print is individually signed by the artist, and the number of prints produced is limited to the number of bottles filled. 

For this single cask bottling of a 10 year old Linkwood single malt the artist Nichol Wheatley has created a piece of art titled "On the way to Linkwood". 

As for the whisky itself, expect a fresh sherried and spicy malt with the tell-tale Linkwood grassiness. The palate has notes of sweet honey which is married to the grassy notes well. The finish is long with dry sherried fruitiness.

700ml 59.2% ABV

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