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Gareth and the whole team @ Fleurieu Distillery continue to impress us with each release, and the Jabberwock is no exception to this! 

Much like it's namesake The Jabberwocky is a little wild. The Jabberwocky was put together with a selection of barrel-ends from previous Fleurieu releases married up with other barrels that aren't a-typical Fleurieu Distillery style. the end result is a beautifully balanced whisky with just a hint of heat and smoke. 

Tasting Notes from the FD team:

"The Jabberwocky is our ‘barrel-ends release’. A little peated, a little wild, it is comprised of barrel ends from other releases married up with other 100L apera and tawny barrels. At 52% the dark mahogany hue offers the classic Fleurieu pastrami umami DNA overlaid with deep raisin and fig sweetness on the front of the palate. This is carried through by a malty barley backbone to a delightful finish of toffee vanillin notes. The subtle overlay of smoke giving it just a hint of danger."

52% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 750 hand-numbered bottles.

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