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The Bruichladdich 'The Laddie Eight' Single Malt Scotch Whisky was originally released as a travel exclusive, but with the demise of travel during the Covid era this fantastic malt is now more widely available. Thje Laddie Eight is a vatting of individually selected casks that showcase the classic, floral and elegant Bruichladdich house style of malt Scotch Whisky. Unpeated in style, this is a tremedously elegant example of the signature Bruichladdich style of fruity malt. 

This is a great youthful, bright, elegant and balanced Bruichladdich. The combination of the sweet American oak and the malt barley are in sync, with the fruity notes from distillation adding some great high notes on the palate. The flavours in 'the Laddie Eight' are a balance of spice and sweet with tropical fruity notes of mango and peach. the oak imparts vanilla and toffee character with a creamy buttery texture and soft mouth feel. A second taste highlights hints of fruit, raspberry and strawberry for sure and a touch of citrus and orange marmalade. The complexity is a joy to taste.There is a touch of soft coastal influence, and honey. Simply delicious.

Created by Head distiller Adam Hannett from whisky matured in American oak casks alongside Lochindaal, and chosen to represent the classic, unpeated distillery style. Bruichladdich's 'the Laddie Eight' scotch whisky is made with 100% Scottish barley.

50% ABV, 700mL

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